Join us in Booth 627 at the 2023 ASHE PDC Summit – Phoenix, AZ, March 13-14, 2023


ASHE PDC Surgical Suite Solution

Is it "raining" in your operating rooms? Do you find that there are times throughout the year when humidity levels are so high that droplets of condensation are dripping from the ceiling diffusers and suspended fixtures of your surgery suites?

Climate by Design International (CDI), designs and manufactures Air Handling and Dehumidification units. ORs are getting colder and moisture is showing up in the worst places. Active Desiccant solutions reduce first costs, operating costs, AND keep the room dry.

The PDC Summit is a dynamic industry event coordinated by a trusted network of not-for-profit organizations with expertise in healthcare planning, design, and construction.  More than 3,200 senior leaders from hospitals, design firms, and construction companies attend the PDC Summit to share perspectives on optimizing healing environments.

PDC Summit programming offers cutting-edge topics affecting the future of the healthcare-built environment and presents thought-provoking research and presentations focusing on cross-team collaboration, PDC sustainability, designing for future generations, technology integration, and more.

Plan to attend the PDC Summit to network with top industry professionals in the field and get the information you need to maximize value in the health care built environment.

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