Product Applications

CDI designs and manufactures custom air handling systems for facilities, and mobile products for temporary applications. Our facility oriented products include dehumidification equipment and critical process air handling units. Mobile products include dehumidification, air cleaning and cooling units.

Battery Manufacturing (Lithium & Polymer)For this sensitive battery manufacturing process the use of desiccant dehumidification is essential for battery cell performance and personnel safety.
Custom Applications

CDI has extensive experience in custom applications and uses this expertise to provide high performing AHU's under any project constraints or parameters.

Dedicated Outside Air

Fresh air supply is needed in many commercial and industrial buildings, but it often contains high levels of moisture. CDI has dedicated OSA units to handle this issue.

Food Processing

Food applications including 45 degree rooms, frozen food products and loading docks.
Frozen Food ProductionFreezers used in frozen food production facilities frequently require dehumidification to keep chiller systems working efficiently and workers safe.
Hospital and SurgicalYear-round stable, cool, dry air is needed in hospital operating rooms to suppress microbial growth for patient safety and surgical staff comfort.
Ice ArenasDesiccant based dehumidification is the solution for the low dewpoint air conditions needed in ice arenas.

Mobile Rental Products

These units are used for water damage remediation, mold control, renovation and other temporary applications.

Museums, Libraries and Archival Storage

An object's survival can be ensured with tight control of environmental factors; including temperature moisture and chemical components.

Plastic Production

If humidity is not controlled, fog and condensation will affect product flow rate and quality.


Moisture control is a great concern in the pharmaceutical industry from product manufacturing to packaging and from shipping to storage.

Seed Storage

Seed moisture and storage temperature are the most important factors in determining how long seed can be stored. The drier the seeds are, the longer they will store.

Test Chambers

Packaged air supply units are designed to provide consistent supply conditions for any test condition desired.

Water Treatment Facilities

Water treatment and waste water treatment facilities benefit from dry environment by eliminating condensation on cold influent pipe, pumps, electrical switch gear and building structure.


CDI designs and manufactures products for numerous markets including food processing, ice arenas, waste water treatment plants, pharmaceutical, automotive, rental, healthcare, aviation, and all types of facilities requiring controlled air climates.

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