ARID-ICE 2500E - Smart Rink Dehumidifier

2500 CFM
460V or 565V electric reactivation

Desiccant dehumidification in your ice rink means an end to fog, dripping, and mold becaus it is the only reasonable way to get very low humidity air and improve the quality of your ice.

An ARID-ICE 2500E Smart Rink Dehumidifier unit has few moving parts, is simple, and reduces electrical loads by transferring the dehumidification duty and most of the latent load from the ice-plant.

ARID-Ice 2500 E

This compact desiccant dehumidifer is designed to operate efficiently and effectvely remove mositure. 


  • Rink dirty filter signal
  • Automatic humdity control
  • Reactivation dirty filter signal
  • Net Zero Ready


  • Filter Inspection Indicator
  • Critical Component Inspection


  • High Temperature Alarm
  • Rotor Rotation Failure Alarm
  • Rink Fan Failure Alarm
  • Reactivation Fan Failure Alarm
  • Reactivation Heater Failure Alarm


This equipment is also offered in Canada through CIMCO Refrigeration as part of their Smart Rink Connect system of products.

To learn more, visit CIMCO.

ARID-Ice 2500E