CDI Blood Drive Saves Lives

In 2016 CDI began hosting a company blood drive twice a year.  In June, we had 32 presenting donors!  “Hosting a Red Cross Blood Drive at CDI has been an energizing experience for our employees, while providing a great way to give back to our Owatonna community,” states Caitlin Needham, CDI Blood Drive Coordinator.

There are many benefits to donating blood...

  • It feels great to donate!

  • After donating blood, the body works to replenish the blood loss.  This stimulates the production of new blood cells and in turn helps in maintaining good health.

  • You get free juice and delicious cookies.

  • It’s something you can spare – most people have blood to spare…yet, there is still not enough to go around.

  • You will help ensure blood is on the shelf when needed – most people don’t think they’ll ever need blood, but many do.

  • You will be someone’s hero – in fact, you could help save up to three different people with just one donation.

We will be hosting an additional Blood Drive in August due to the critical need of blood.  If you are interested in being a blood donor, visit or contact Caitlin at to learn more.