Companies Join Forces to Build a New Home in Owatonna

Owatonna, MN - We are honored and proud to announce Daikin Applied and Climate by Design International will be building a new home for a deserving family in spring of 2021 in Owatonna, MN. Both businesses will partner with Two Rivers Habitat for Humanity to build the home from the ground up. The total donation of $100,000 for the home sponsorship will help fund the materials and labor needed to build the home. Both companies are also graciously asking employees to volunteer on the home build. A family has already been chosen to receive the home and they are anxiously awaiting the construction.  Depending on the weather, we are currently hoping to break ground on Linn Avenue in April 2021. That property was donated to our organization from the Kottke family in Owatonna. 

“We are honored to have the opportunity to work with Daiken Applied and CDI to empower a family in Owatonna to have an affordable, safe, and healthy home by the end of 2021. Strong corporate citizens coming together with dedicated residents who care about their community can accomplish amazing things, and we're excited that we are all coming together to partner with a hardworking future Habitat homebuyer. It's time to get building,” said Kevin Worden, who is the Executive Director from Two Rivers Habitat for Humanity. 


Daikin Applied is a manufacturer of heating and cooling equipment for commercial and industrial facilities. The company has three plants in Southern Minnesota — one in Owatonna and two in Faribault — and employs more than 1,200 people in the area. 

Based in Owatonna, Climate by Design International designs and builds dehumidification and air-handling technology for use in ice arenas, hospital surgical suites, food processing facilities and other applications.

About Two Rivers Habitat for Humanity - Two Rivers Habitat for Humanity was created in 2018 by the merging of two affiliates. Rochester Area formed in the early 90s and Steele-Waseca Area merged together to create one affiliate that serves 5 counties; Dodge, Olmsted, Steele, Wabasha and Waseca. Since 1993 the Steele-Waseca area has built 23 homes and repaired around 8 homes. Two Rivers Habitat for Humanity builds strength, stability and self-reliance through shelter for local families.

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