Custom Applications

NFL Film Vault,
Archival Storage and Protection

NFL Film Vault, Archival Storage and Protection

This unique custom application provides conditioned air to protect sensitive film and documents for long-term storage.

CDH-148 Dehydrator Tunnel

CDH-148 Dehydrator Tunnel

This parts manufacturer uses water and chemical wash machines to provide clean parts to a robotic painting system. The parts are temperature sensitive which caused the oven to be too long to fit the available space.

One model CDH-148 Desiccant Dehumidifier issued to condition the dry off tunnel. The very dry air was blown onto the parts to eliminate any water on the parts. The unit provides a total airflow of 7,500 SCFM with a moisture removal of 150 lbs/hr in the summer months. The unit utilizes natural gas to reactivate the desiccant.

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