Custom Dehumidification Series (CDH)

1,500 to over 100,000 SCFM


More Flexibility: Total system integration available including heating, cooling, enthalpy recovery, and special filtration. Designed with custom configurations of standard compenents to meet unique project requirements.

More Support: Application engineering assistance, start-up and owner training, and preventative maintenance programs offered by CDI.

Configurable Components: Match Your Critical Process

  • Unit Casings - Your Choice: From 2 1/2" double wall through 6" NoThruMetal®
  • Process and reactivation MERV 8 through HEPA filters
  • Direct gas fired, steam, hot water, or electric actively heated reactivation.
  • Heat Recovery
  • Gas Heating
  • Fan Brigade
  • Standard intelligent microprocessor controleers with "Fail Capable" mode and full bulding integration capable of using BACnet™, Modbus®, or LonWorks®.
  • Integrated refrigeration
  • UVGI

Custom Dehumidification Series Brochure

Here at CDI, we are in a position to help you meet your customers' needs with a CDI desiccant unit. In addition to filling potential market gaps, CDI continues to design, engineer, and manufacture products for the commercial and industrial markets. Please reach out to us today for specifics regarding your upcoming projects. We are available to assist you in determining the best solution for your application.

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