Custom Dehumidification Series (CDH)

1,500 to over 100,000 SCFM

More Flexibility: Total system integration available including heating, cooling, enthalpy recovery, and special filtration. Designed with custom configurations of standard compenents to meet unique project requirements.

More Support: Application engineering assistance, start-up and owner training, and preventative maintenance programs offered by CDI.

Configurable Components: Match Your Critical Process

  • Unit Casings - Your Choice: From 2 1/2" double wall through 6" NoThruMetal®
  • Process and reactivation MERV 8 through HEPA filters
  • Direct gas fired, steam, hot water, or electric actively heated reactivation.
  • Heat Recovery
  • Gas Heating
  • Fan Brigade
  • Standard intelligent microprocessor controleers with "Fail Capable" mode and full bulding integration capable of using BACnet™, Modbus®, or LonWorks®.
  • Integrated refrigeration
  • UVGI

Custom Dehumidification Series Brochure

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