Engineering Manager

Location: Owatonna, MN

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The Engineering Manager is responsible for leading the engineering team to achieve corporate goals and objectives. This position will provide daily supervision to oversee the workflow from the time a purchase order is submitted through the release of shop documents to the manufacturing team. This position will not be directly responsible for new product development, but will support this area through design standardization.




  • Provide input annually to update the Climate by Design International Strategic Plan including information relevant to company-wide strategies and input which is relevant to assigned department(s).
  • Prepare annual and quarterly updates of goals/objectives for assigned department(s) and gain approval from Senior Leadership. 
  • Monitor performance of the department against approved objectives and report results internally and to the Sales and Engineering Vice President. 
  • Prepare and get approval of annual expense budget and quarterly updates for the departments managed in the format established by the Company.
  • Approve, make, and/or recommend changes that are relevant to operation of the assigned department(s) – such as new equipment, changes in technology used, product innovations or modifications, department staffing levels, etc.
  • Conduct meetings and provide communications in order to keep department staff properly informed and coordinated about company and department plans, operations, and changes.
  • Assure effective coordination of people and information flow with other departments in the company and people/organizations outside the company with whom there is a need to do so.
  • Seek effective utilization, innovation, and major productivity gains related to best possible use of people, equipment, technology, and proprietary information of the company.  Coordinate or oversee department projects or programs designed to gain improvements in these areas.
  • Assure that the company strategy, principles, and values are maximized with the assigned departments.
  • Effective utilization and management of people through clarification of responsibilities, coaching and encouragement, and clear feedback and development planning.  This includes having a department plan for the development of the skills of assigned personnel.




  • Become a technical resource for component selections that are applied within the unit design; including: desiccant rotors, coils, and fans.
  • Monitor trade association publications and attend trade shows to gain industry insights into product designs in order to provide product design leadership to the team.
  • Mentor and develop the engineering team members to create professional development plans alongside Personnel




  • B.S. Degree in Engineering or a Master’s Degree in Engineering preferably in the Mechanical Engineering field.
  • Minimum of 5 years of experience in Engineering in related field.
  • Coursework and seminars in management and supervision of people.
  • Coursework and seminars in topics related to improvement of manufacturing operations.



  • A minimum of 7 years management experience overseeing at least one department of engineering in a manufacturing operation,
  • A minimum of 7 years of experience managing budgets, and working with other managers in a manufacturing operation to deliver a quality product, on time, profitably is strongly desired.
  • A minimum of 3 years of experience in the HVAC industry with one or more progressively managed companies.
  • Experience and proficiency in working with customers, communicating effectively, and solving problems.
  • Sound knowledge in engineering theory and design criteria in the HVAC industry.
  • Sound knowledge and past experience in desiccant and refrigeration technology is desired.


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