Flex Shift

Are you looking for a career opportunity that allows you to have flexibility with your schedule? 

Do you need to work a late morning, mid-day, late afternoon, or early evening shift?

Are you retired, but looking for something part-time?

Are you in high school or college and need to work around a class schedule?

Look no further!

CDI has a FLEX SHIFT for YOU!  

How it works:

    • You determine your consistent work days, Monday - Thursday
    • You select your own hours between 9AM - 9PM
    • You pick your own shift that is at least 4 hours in duration
    • Minimum of 20 hours a week
    • Shift Differential for full time (30+ hours a week) of $0.75 per hour
    • Benefit eligible at 30+ hours a week
    • Cross training and career development opportunities available

Current opportunities with a FLEX SHIFT Option:

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