In the Spotlight: Bill Reagan and Q Applied Systems

Q Applied Systems

Bill Reagan_Q Applied Systems

Bill Reagan, Owner of Q Applied Systems in southern California, has been a CDI Manufacturer’s Representative since March 2017. 

After graduating from college in 1983 with BS in Industrial Relations, Bill went to work at Cambridge Filter Corporation in Syracuse, NY as an inside sales coordinator supporting the regional manager.  Within a year he was transferred to the Los Angeles sales office of Cambridge Filter as an outside sales representative and from there to working for an independent manufacturer’s representative with responsibilities primarily in San Diego, CA.  Working for a manufacturer’s representative exposed him to a wide range of applications, products and sales channels. 

In 2006, Bill formed Q Applied Systems, Corp as a manufacturers' representative of HVAC and moisture control equipment and systems as well as fume and dust collection products throughout Southern California and Baja Mexico.

Bill attributes his success in business to the good relationships with the mechanical engineering and contractor firms in Southern California, as well as key people throughout the HVAC manufacturing industry.  The support from his friends in the business has been very positive and encouraging. 

“Q Applied Systems represents application specific HVAC equipment.  It takes a long time to build a sales pipeline and to complete a sales cycle.  I think it was the better part of two years before I felt comfortable with taking any kind of salary,” Bill explained. "Q Applied Systems is a one person corporation surrounded by much larger rep firms.  While they are not necessarily competitors they certainly can cast a long shadow sometimes.  That makes it all the more important for me do the best job I can on every project for both my customers and the manufacturers I represent.” 

Q Applied Systems recently provided a CDI desiccant dehumidifier to serve a “stick pack” powder packaging area at a major supplement manufacturer in Southern, CA.  Space conditions are maintained at less than 20% RH.  This allows for continuous high throughput of precision supplement powder packaging.  The CDI desiccant unit deep dries a portion of the air to a -5 dew point allowing tight control of the space.   

If you like to work with someone who communicates in a proficient, concise and respectful manner and is detailed in the review and response of data and requirements and is trustworthy with all pertinent project feedback, strategy and analysis, Bill Reagan is the person to work with on your next project,” stated Kelvan Roopnarine, CDI Regional Sales Manager.  

“CDI has committed to building a strong manufactures rep network in the HVAC industry,” noted Bill.  “They understand their equipment is being designed into buildings or projects that might not enter the construction phase for a year or longer.  CDI is willing to work with the project design teams up front by providing the specific equipment performance, weights and dimensions necessary to complete an integrated building design.  Desiccant dehumidifiers are often “snowflakes” with performance, equipment size and shapes dictated by specific criteria. Some desiccant manufacturers really do not understand the sales cycle and are reluctant to put in the required up front time and effort in the project design phase that is required without a purchase order in hand.” 

The HVAC business is a global industry with a wide variety of career opportunities and advancement.  Bill’s advice would be to bring along your enthusiasm and willingness to learn.  With that attitude, you will find many industry professionals willing to provide guidance and opportunities for what will be a rewarding career.  

Another Project with Q Applied

Application: DOAS delivering 12,000 CFM @ 10 grain/Lb air.

Location: San Diego, CA

Market: Genetic Research & Diagnostics

Contractor: Pacific Rim Mechanical, San Diego, CA

Engineer:   DEC Engineers, San Diego, CA

Start-Up Date:  February, 2018


Start-Up photo shows Josef Pavlik of Applied Mechanical Solutions (local start-up tech for Q Applied Systems) and CDI factory techs Steve Sivret (behind Josef) and Robert Kennedy of CDI.