In the Spotlight: CFM Company Joins CDI as New Rep

CFM Company

CFM Company recently joined CDI as a Manufacturer’s Representative for the Colorado and Wyoming regions.  CFM Company was founded in 1971 by Frank Frauenfelder and was focused on delivering air movement, air distribution, and air handling products.  The organization now has Gene Krist as its third President and has grown to over ninety employees.

As the product champion for CDI, Sales Engineer Larry Gelin has offered this perspective: “The biggest hurdles that we face today are the speed in which projects are developed and executed, and the task of training our engineering customers, contractor customers, and our own people.  Experience is much harder to come by than ever before. The #1 piece of advice we would give to anyone wanting to work in the HVAC industry is that you have to be willing and able to learn quickly! It’s not just about the products, its developing relationships with people and giving them what they need in order to be successful.”

CFM Company has a number of plant cultivation clients that use CDI desiccant products for their dry cure rooms.  The Dry Climate Series was necessary in order to provide significant dehumidification in a short period of time in order to get products ready for market. 

CFM Company’s clients that are working for and with critical environments really value the detailed analysis and precision that CDI brings to their selections and project management.  If their process breaks down, it’s often a big financial impact to them and they can’t afford to compromise when they are working in these environments.

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