Loading Docks

The Problem...

High humidity adversely affects cold storage warehouses, freezers and associated surfaces by condensing on cold surfaces. Loading docks become wet, causing slippery floors. Automatic freezer doors and conveyors can jam with ice. Freezer coils develop frost and ice, which reduces heat transfer and requires frequent defrost cycles.

The Solution...

Dry Dock Cold Storage



Climate by Design International offers an effective solution to these problems with Dry Dock desiccant dehumidification systems. The Dry Dock system captures humidity (moisture) near the exterior dock doors and delivers dehumidified (dry) air where it is needed most - above the doors entering the freezers.

Humidity Control Improves Cold Storage Operations

Climate by Design International uses desiccant technology to control humidity in cold environments. Lowering humidity promotes a dry, safe environment with no drips or condensation. By circulating dehumidified air through the loading dock or corridor, the latent load (moisture) on your refrigeration system is reduced. The moisture is removed by the desiccant system, allowing the refrigeration system to control temperature more efficiently.

"The CDI unit on the loading dock at Nestlé has performed exceptionally well! Frost and ice have completely abated and all the problems associated have gone away. We have a very happy customer in Nestlé." - Joe Daniels, Climate Control


Dry Dock DH-S0 Product Application Flyer


Dry Dock Cold Storage Solution




Spiral Freezers & Cold Storage Loading Docks

Does frost and ice have your costs spiraling out of control? Is your production cut by defrost cycles? Learn how desiccants can be applied to reduce your costs, improve product quality and increase production. This applies to spiral and tunnel freezers. It’s time you start enjoying the benefits of dry air. In this webinar we will:

  • Get to the root cause of the symptoms in your cold storage facility.
  • Understand the solutions and benefits provided by CDI desiccant technology.
  • Review the challenges of spiral freezers.
  • See how applying a cost effective Dry Climate system can make all the difference you need.


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