Low Dewpoint Desiccant Dehumidification

1,500 to 20,000 SCFM

Applications for Lithium-Ion Battery Rooms, Environmental Test Chambers, and some Industrial Processes require very low moisture conditions. Normally expressed in dewpoints, these applications range from -40ºF(-40ºC) to -76ºF(-60ºC).

CDI's dedicated desiccant air-supply units provide ULTRA low-humidity discharge conditions necessary to maintain an appropriately dry environment.  Units are designed with custom configurations of standard components to meet unique project requirements. Total system integration is available.

Desiccant Unit Configurations may include:

  • Outside air pre-treatment
  • 1st stage moisture removal with a pre-cooling coil
  • Intermediate cooling
  • Gas, electric, indirect fired gas or steam reactivation utilities
  • Silica gel desiccants
  • Post cooling
  • Post heating
  • HEPA final filtration

No Thru Metal (NTM®) Construction

Both the Low Dewpoint Unit and the Dry Room Unit are manufactured using our unique NTM® technology. The complete inner and outer walls are erected in plane and THEN completely filled with urethane foam. This technology assures no leakage or infilitration whatsoever even at these extreme vapor pressure and temperature differentials. There is no metal to metal contact or metal thermal bridging, so no condensation or moisture leakage can occur.

  • 2 1/2" R-15 panels are standard on the Low Depoint Unit
  • 4" R-24 Panels on the Dry Room
  • 6" R-36 Panel option are available for extreme temperature differentials in Environmental Test Chambers.

CDI Low Dewpoint Desiccant Dehumidification

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