Make Up Air Dehumidification

3,000 - 38,000 SCFM

CDI designs custom desiccant air handlers to meet unique indoor air quality requirements. Total system integration is available, which allows you to include heating, cooling, enthalpy recovery and special filtration in a custom designed air handler.

Dedicated Outdoor Desiccant Air Supply

The largest moisture load in many commercial and industrial buildings comes from the introduction of outdoor air. A large quantity of outdoor air is reuqired to maintain healthy indoor air quality and meet building code requirements. Outdoor air can contain large amounts of moisture that can be difficult to control using conventional cooling based air handlers. Moisture in a facility can cause mold, mildew, microbial and viral agents and a "sick building."

By using active desiccants to centralize the control of indoor air humidity, the other air handlers in your facility can be used exclusively to control the temperature of the space. The dehumidified air provided by our desiccant air handler can actually reduce mold growth in your secondary air handlers and your entire air handling system.

Our standard unit construction is G-90 galvanized steel, double-wall, and insulated. it is very rugged, and includes airtight, gasketed access doors to components.  Each unit is ETL listed and approved as a unit.

CDI Make Up Air Dehumidification (MDH)

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