On the Pathway to Growth with Pierre Menard

CDI Welcomes Pierre Menard, Engineering Manager

Pierre Menard

We are pleased to announce that Pierre Menard, Engineering Manager, has joined our team.

Menard brings over 30 years of engineering experience, most recently been the Director of Research, Design, and innovation for Skyline Exhibits in Eagan. He was also the Division Manager at CVD Equipment Corporation in New York where he developed a new leadership team including sales, marketing, production, engineering, and planning which implemented a completely new corporate culture focused on making complex equipment simple for everyone from the customer through production. 

“Pierre brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of Engineering combined with a passion for developing people, processes, and products,” stated Mike Peterson, VP Sales Engineering. “We are excited to have him join the team to help us continue to build a foundation of growth and to continue to help our customers achieve their critical mission.”

Menard commented, “I look forward to getting back to my roots of machine design and being part of an organization that is building a lasting legacy.  I enjoy being in a place where I can make a difference and help develop people – to me, that is even more rewarding than developing products.” 

Menard has a BSME Engineering degree from the University of Minnesota and a Mini-MBA from the University of St. Thomas. He has managed, increased, and defended a patent portfolio with more than 100 patents as well as being published in trade magazines, journals, and conference proceedings. He is also a regular speaker at professional gatherings.