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Desiccant Dehumidification Products

CDI strives to meet ALL your desiccant needs, including those cases when TIME is most critical. If the unit you need is not readily available as a stock item, let us build it for you! CDI is not only the premier provider of desiccant and air-handling units, we have some of the shortest lead times in the industry for configured product. Contact us today!

Quick Ship Desiccant Dehumidification Units

Dry Climate Units

Dry Climate

Model # CFM Voltage Reactivation
DC-500 500 460V/3PH Electric 
DC-750 750 460V/3PH Electric 
DC-1000 1000 460V/3PH Electric 
DC-1500 1500 460V/3PH Electric 
DC-1750 1750 460V/3PH Electric
DC-2250 2250 460V/3PH Electric

DH-S0 Units

Model #
CFM Voltage Reactivation
DH-S0 138 5000 460V/3PH Gas
DH-S0 142 5800 460V/3PH Gas
DH-S0 148 7500 460V/3PH Gas

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