Restoration and Construction

ARID-Dry mobile desiccant dehumidifiers provide temporary humidity control for water damage and restoration, mold and fungus prevention, and new construction dehumidification.

When drying interior spaces, humidity control is crucial. An ARID-Dry mobile dehumidifier increases your productivity and profitability. The advantages of using large-capacity mobile dehumidifiers with your projects are many. You can get more consistent drying cycles, and faster and more consistent drying times. It is also the most effective system on the market, outperforming refrigeration and convection-style heat-drying methods.

ARID-Dry skid and trailer-mounted units are the leading solutions available for quickly and efficiently removing ambient water vapor from the air. Useful in surface preparation, painting and coating, and industrial condensation prevention, ARID-Dry is the best-in-class dryer available.

Water Damage and Restoration
When building materials come in contact with water due to piping failures, flooding or storms, losses can be contained by quickly drying out the structure. Desiccant dehumidifiers are used to quickly provide a low-dewpoint air stream to facilitate the restoration of the structure. The low dew point acts as a sponge to pull moisture from building materials.

Mold and Fungus Prevention
Mold and fungus are normally dormant. When a building or structure is exposed to high humidity levels or liquid water due to flooding or leaks, the mold will proliferate rapidly. Drying out a structure completely and quickly is important to reduce the possibility of mold contamination. Desiccant dehumidifiers are the most cost-effective way to provide the deep drying needed to extract water from the building and interior components.

New Construction Dehumidification
Many materials used in new construction contain large quantities of water. Concrete and other construction materials evaporate water as they cure. If the material is covered before all the water has evaporated, hidden mold can form, causing odors and potential mold contamination. Modern construction technicians are now using desiccant dehumidification to reduce the possibility of mold contamination, and, in many cases, speed up the drying process. This can result in faster construction schedules.

CDI builds the largest-capacity mobile dehumidifier available. Systems utilize natural gas, propane, or electric reactivation.

ARID-Dry is more thermodynamically efficient because there is no change of phase necessary. Its simple design makes it highly reliable, while our superior construction makes the system dependable day in and day out in the most demanding environments. Our intelligent microprocessor even makes using ARID-Dry equipment easy to monitor!

ARID-Dry Mobile Restoration and Construction Drying Equipment