Standard - DH-S

3,000 - 15,000 CFM

We call it Standard, but you choose the options! The S-Series product line has been size optimized without the need for face and bypass dampers. Offered in either a simple On-Off control or with CDI's Reactivation Rate Controller to provide great capacity control for any input from dew point to RH. 

Standard DH-S

CDI has what you are looking for!

Here at CDI, we are in a position to help you meet your customers' needs with a CDI desiccant unit. In addition to filling potential market gaps, CDI continues to design, engineer, and manufacture products for the commercial and industrial markets. Please reach out to us today for specifics regarding your upcoming projects. We are available to assist you in determining the best solution for your application.

Munters DryCool DDS
CDI Desiccant Dehumidification 
 ~Model~   Confg   Housing    Modules    Height   (in)  Width   (in) Length (in)  Max.  Dehumid.   Volume  (CFM) Max   Supply  Volume (CFM)


DDS-20-1 1 20 A 70.0 80.0 123.0 5,000 5,000

CDI  DH-138 SO 138 - 64.5 68.5 90.0 5,000 5,000


DDS-20-1 1 20 A 70.0 80.0 123.0 7,500 7,500

CDI  DH-148 SO 148 - 64.5 74.5 98.0 7,500 7,500


DDS-30-1 1 30 A 101.0 96.0 123.0 10,000 10,000

CDI   DH-160 SO 160 - 92.5 86.5 106.0 12,000 12,000

Standard DH Dehumidification Series

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