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Spiral Freezers & Cold Storage Loading Dock Applications
Does frost and ice have your costs spiraling out of control? Is your production cut by defrost cycles? Understand how desiccants can be applied to reduce your costs, improve product quality and increase production.  This applies to spiral and tunnel freezers.  It’s time you start enjoying the benefits of dry air.

In this webinar we will:

  • Get to the root cause of the symptoms in your cold storage facility.
  • Understand the solutions and benefits provided by CDI desiccant technology.
  • Review the challenges of spiral freezers.
  • See how applying a cost effective Dry Climate system can make all the difference you need.      
  • Time for wrap up and questions

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Psychrometrics: The Science of Moisture in Air
Get refreshed on Psychrometrics, like a tall cold drink of water. This webinar is for those that have had formal training in Psychrometrics, at some time in their careers, but it's time to cut through the fog and get the basics of how it is used in determination of moisture solutions.  This is a pre-requisite for all future webinars. Without an understanding of vapor pressure, dewpoint, and grains of moisture, future webinars will be cloudy at best.

Principles of Active Desiccant Operations
You may already be using active desiccants, but how do they really work?  Industry "rules of thumb" may be coursing through your veins, but what are they based on?  Learn how active desiccants adsorb and desorb moisture, factors that affect performance, and industry leading energy saving possibilities.

Passive Desiccants (Enthalpy and Type III)

Have manufacturers left you confused? It seems there are many desiccants available. And, guess what? There are! Because CDI works with all commercially available desiccants we apply each one where it meets project criteria. Learn how passive desiccants do their work, what their limitations are, and what is available in today's marketplace.

In each session below, we review industry practices, develop load calculations, and find solutions for a specific example.  

Moisture Load Calculations
Most Load Calculation software the industry uses today does not adequately address the latent or moisture component.  Don't let yourself get into water over your head.  In this webinar we break down EVERY aspect of moisture gain, give you the formulas, and demonstrate tools to make sure you have a proper design.

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Hospital Surgical Suites
As Operating Rooms are getting colder and colder, moisture is showing up in the worst places. An Active Desiccant solution can reduce first costs, operating cost, AND keep the room dry.
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Water Treatment Plants Application

Waste Water Treatment Plant

Many Waste Water Treatment Plants, pumping stations, or similar applications can benefit from using Active Desiccant Dehumidification.
Prevent the high costs of corrosion and reduce operational expenses.

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Archival Storage Application

As America ages more of its history is being preserved. Museums, libraries, and other repositories require low dew point storage conditions to preserve these artifacts. Active desiccant solutions can maintain rock steady conditions while keeping your energy costs in check.
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DOAS Application

DOAS Application
Dedicated Outside Air - This is where the water is, how can you effectively reduce the moisture without the expense of reheat? Get control of your outside air needs.
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Critical Process Roof Top Series

Critical Process Rooftop Food Processing Applications

Looking for another viable option to keep the air that circulates through your production areas clean, dry, and properly conditioned? Born from a King, CDI’s Critical Process Rooftop series is sized and configured so you stay in control. Any room or ambient conditions can be addressed by the CPRT's versatility, while having the capability for full wash-down.

During this webinar, you will see:

  • How a Critical Process Rooftop unit works
  • Load calculation considerations 
  • The Applications 
  • CPRT details – form fit, function and versatility
  • Time for wrap up and questions

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Food Desiccant Dehumidification

Are you all wet? Eliminating Condensation in a 45° Environment 
Do you desire to eliminate condensation issues that cause problems with the USDA? Do you want to reduce your sanitation dry down to less than one hour? In this session we thoroughly digest the typical 45 degree processing room, looking both at Ammonia Cooling and Active Desiccants for those critical applications.

During this webinar, you will see:

  • How a CDI Desiccant/Ammonia Rooftop (FDH) unit works
  • The Application 
  •  Load calculation considerations
  • The Solution 
  • FDH details – form fit, function and versatility
  • Time for wrap up and questions

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Dry Climate
On Demand Webinar
During this webinar, you will learn:
  • How a Dry Climate Desiccant Dehumidifier works 
  • Load calculation consderations 
  • Dry Climate details - form, fit, function and versatility 
  • Typical Applications 
  • Time for Q/A 
If you have customers in need of a compact solution for their dehumidification needs, we have your solution! 


Upon successful completion of each live webinar, a certificate of attendance for 1 hour will be awarded upon request.

It is up to each individual to verify whether the course is approved by their state licensing board.

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Tom has more than 30 years of experience in the HVAC industry. In 1989, Tom and his wife Sue started Concepts and Designs (CAD) in their home as a Computer Aided Drafting company. In 1991, the business was incorporated as Concepts and Designs, Inc. (CDI).  In 2016, CDI changed their corporate name to Climate by Design International.

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