CDI Distributing ARID-Dry Mobile as the Manufacturer

ARID-Dry Mobile

We’re excited to announce that as of January 1, 2021 Climate by Design International (CDI) is distributing the ARID-Dry Mobile product line directly as the manufacturer.  Prior to 2021, Controlled Dehumidification had been distributing the ARID-Dry Mobile product line exclusively.  CDI has had a long and robust relationship with Todd Bradley, the owner of Controlled Dehumidification, and we are both excited about this transition.  Todd will continue to assist on an as needed basis through CDI.  CDI is located in Owatonna, MN and Controlled Dehumidification is located in Brighton, MI. 

Climate by Design International

During this time, we have also transitioned the Concepts and Designs, Inc. Marketing Services (CDIms) website and assets to CDI.  CDIms (CDI Marketing Services) was led by Todd Bradley and his team to exclusively distribute all of CDI’s desiccant dehumidification products until 2006.  Since that time CDI began the process of changing how we distribute all of our desiccant dehumidification products.

All of us at CDI appreciate the role Todd Bradley and Controlled Dehumidification have had over the years in the development of the market for our desiccant dehumidification products and the ARID-Dry brand.